Chapter 1.05: Parenting and a Party

Hey reader(s), long time, no see!

Yes, I realize that I was gone for a little while. I had to deal with a couple of crises, and I wasn’t really thinking about entertaining on my blog at the time. Everything is back to normal now, so I should be able to jump right back into simming!

When we left off…


Rowan and Siobahn were getting some loving done. After Rowan’s irresponsible spending, and the birth of their son, they certainly needed all the distractions they could get.

And now…


You’re looking… something other than happy, Siobahn.

Siobahn: I’m pregnant again, aren’t I?


Siobahn: F***.


Ah, nothing like being woken by a screaming child on your first day of work.


Playing with a ball in the house is a bad example for your son, Rowan, stop it!

Screenshot-2473 Screenshot-2474

Rowan: Fine. Clearly I’m not wanted here. Perhaps they’ll appreciate me at work instead.

You’ll probably have to work your way further up the ladder before anyone there even notices you exist, sweetie.


Siobahn appears to be adjusting nicely to motherhood, actually.

Siobahn: There, there. I promise I didn’t mean it when I said I was going to fill your bottle with NyQuil. It was a joke!



Gotta get that guitar skill up. Every time Ryan’s needs are satisfied, Siobahn goes straight to work on building those skills she needs for her lifetime wish.


And yes, this is skill-building too! She needs to keep up her relationships in order to build her charisma skill. It only looks like she’s goofing off!

And making all that noise with a sleeping baby in the room. You’d think she’d know better than to do that.


After work, Rowan is reading a book his bosses gave him. I guess being a groupie comes with reading assignments. Weird.


Not traumatizing the baby again, are you Siobahn?

I kid, she’s a really good mom, in all actuality. She attends to most of his wants before I even have to direct her.


I haven’t gotten to see a lot of Rowan’s parenting skills yet, given how he keeps his distance most of the time.

Rowan: It’s not as though I want to be away from him! I just have to finish this book first!

It’s too bad Siobahn doesn’t have that luxury.

Rowan: *sigh*


And she’s about to have even LESS free time.

Siobahn: Here we go again.


Rowan was up fairly early the next day to practice his guitar skill. He’s building it up really fast! He doesn’t generally have other skills to build, though, so he’s going to be at the top of the skill before Siobahn.


With Rowan at home to watch little Ryan, she was able to go to the library and build a little charisma skill before she came back home to practice guitar too. She has those two skills to max out, in addition to getting high enough in painting to get those portraits done, so she’s got a little bit fuller of a plate than her husband at the moment. I’m currently rotating the skills she has to build so that she gets a little bit of time with each of them during the day in between caring for the baby.


In fact, she’s just gotten done checking out her new mirror for building charisma.

Siobahn: Great, just what I need, to spend a portion of every day talking to myself.


Siobahn: I’d like to try something before I get that lonely.

Go right ahead.


Siobahn: Alright Ryan, time for your first party!



Sheesh, Siobahn, you’re looking at your friend like you didn’t just invite him here for your son’s birthday.


He doesn’t appear to have stuck around for it anyway. Weird. Rowan ran right in to blow on a party horn, though.

Screenshot-2495 Screenshot-2496

It took his enthusiasm for Siobahn to look enthusiastic herself. Ryan, on the other hand, is just looking constipated.

Screenshot-2497 Screenshot-2498

Severely constipated.


I should say here that I am always so amused by the fact that sims lay their infants down on the ground for them to age up. I understand why it has to happen, game-mechanics wise, but it just looks so funny!


Almost as funny as the sparkle birthday dance.

Screenshot-2501 Screenshot-2502

And here is little Ryan as a toddler! He’s cute, but he’s practically a clone of his mother. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any traits reminiscent of Rowan in his face as time goes on, but I am glad we’re having another little one so there’s a chance we’ll have a little more of our founder in them.


Rowan, of course, doesn’t seem to mind how little his son resembles him. He’s excited either way!


A celebration tune is performed by Siobahn…

Screenshot-2505 Screenshot-2506

… While Rowan plays with Ryan. It took a couple of days, but Rowan finally got to act the proud father I know he is. Look at how happy holding Ryan makes him!




Oh, Siobahn’s friend didn’t leave after all! Rowan made conversation with him autonomously, because he’s in the market for new friends himself.


So, with one of the expansions (I can’t remember which) came the ability of party guests to bring food to the engagement. Sometimes I love this, and other times I really hate it. Usually it depends on how big my family is, and what is in the dishes that the guests bring. This time, only one dish was brought, so it was alright for my little family of three, plus guest, but said guest brought something with ghost peppers in it, and that sent Siobahn into an exorcist moment.

Screenshot-2510 Screenshot-2511

Which promptly led into THIS. Seriously, EA, if pregnant sims can do THIS, why didn’t you just let them roller skate too?

Screenshot-2512 Screenshot-2513

Rowan: Were you just dancing on the counter in there?

Siobahn: You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the girl.


Rowan: How did you even get up there? Wasn’t that difficult with your uterus all distended and everything?


Siobahn: Honestly, I was surprised how easy it was.


Wow, this party is bangin’, isn’t it? Well, at least Siobahn seems to think so.

Screenshot-2517 Screenshot-2518

I just love these interactions. They are adorable anyway, but when sims do them autonomously, it puts an almost unbearable cuteness factor in my game that I just cannot handle.


Later that night, Rowan made it a point take care of Ryan while Siobahn hung in her rocking chair in the other room. I think I was a LITTLE too harsh with him earlier in the chapter. Sorry Buddy.


Siobahn didn’t get to relax for very long, unfortunately.


Maybe thoughts of her husband’s lifetime wish sent her into labor? I can’t think of another reason why she would have that thought bubble right now.

Screenshot-2523 Screenshot-2524

And unlike in Siobahn’s previous pregnancy, Rowan gets to partake in the complete and utter chaos.


Rowan: Good gods! What is happening??

Siobahn: Well, right now, nothing. I think my contractions paused a moment.


Siobahn: Okay! Pause is over!


Rowan: I just ran to get a snack, honey. Is… Is that inappropriate?


Siobahn: …



Screenshot-2530 Screenshot-2531

And welcome to the Landros family Jack! I thought Siobahn’s pregnancy had gone well, but the game chose the excitable trait for him anyway. The trait I got to roll was eccentric, which I love just for the alliteration factor, but it’s also made me think this kid is going to be a really enthusiastic inventor one day.

His favorites are spiceberry, Roots music, and PB&J, just like his big brother! He also looks like he has his dad’s skin tone, so that makes me hopeful for a more even trait blend of our founders.


You don’t have to be so upset that you didn’t get the girl you were wishing for, Rowan!


Rowan: That was the ghost chili I was eating, actually.



So, here we have our two boys! They’re so cute! But, we do have to try again for another baby, because Rowan still has his wish for a little girl to fulfill! Join the Landros family next time for those tries, and some toddler skilling!



Chapter 1.04: Fiscally Irresponsible

Welcome to The Landros Legacy! When we left off, Siobahn, Best Legacy Spouse Ever, was experiencing the unpleasantness that comes with pregnancy. Most of the fun things her party animal soul wants her to do are off-limits! How will she deal?

Surely her new husband will be there to make the process a little more bearable…





Or not.

Rowan, where are you sneaking off to while your pregnant wife is dreaming of nachos?


This is looking awfully suspicious right now, boy…

Screenshot-2413 Screenshot-2414

OH, well that’s a lot less shady than I thought it was!

Actually, Rowan had a wish to play guitar in the park, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to earn some extra money for his family while he was at it. Luckily, someone in the background there noticed.

Screenshot-2416 Screenshot-2418

REALLY noticed. I think this guy was responsible for one hundred percent of Rowan’s tips while he was playing. With that getup, though, he looks like he can afford it, so I guess I don’t feel too bad.


Hooray! Siobahn is awake! And she’s painting… something! What is that a turtle or a… monster of some kind? I don’t know.


Oh, by the way, Rowan had a wish to buy a toy, so I decided to go simple with this little guy. I haven’t named him, since I guess it’ll depend on the owner’s tastes.

Rowan also had a wish to by another thing, which I indulged, even though I probably shouldn’t have. What is it, you ask? Well, I’ll let you know, just as soon as Rowan is DONE spending money.

Screenshot-2419 Screenshot-2420

Goodness me, that money you earned from playing guitar for a wealthy doctor is just BURNING a hole in your pocket, isn’t it?

Rowan: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really didn’t spend that much…

Yeah, because there wasn’t much to spend!


This is the bookstore. The damn bookstore. What are you buying here?

Rowan: A logic book. I hear logic is going to be important for my career as well.

ARRRRG! You’re supposed to be buying a crib for the baby! Why do sims wish for some of the most inappropriate things?


At least Siobahn isn’t being inappropriate with fulfilling her wishes. She wanted a rocking chair, which we barely had enough money to purchase, by the way.

She’s also waiting to fulfill another wish.


She wanted to invite someone over! She figured, I guess, that if no one would let her have fun in the wide world, one of her buddies would have to come to her.

Screenshot-2424 Screenshot-2425

I feel terrible, because I’ve forgotten this woman’s name. But she was the best friend that Siobahn had in her contacts list, so I decided she had to be the first one to learn that Siobahn was pregnant.


Old Friend: Oh, that’s great news! May I?


Siobahn: Uh, you may be getting a little TOO close to the baby there.

Screenshot-2428 Screenshot-2429

Siobahn: Well, I didn’t invite you over to gush over this pregnancy! Let’s dance!

OF: I’d rather rock.

Siobahn: Touche.

So, you may have noticed the chemistry station in the background there. Yeeeeeaaaaah, Rowan totally went overboard with that one, and now we don’t have enough money to buy a crib.

You may also have noticed that I like to blame my sims when I decide to head into buy-mode and fulfill their impulses. Granted, it is ultimately me fulfilling the rolled wish, but I like to think that maybe my founder isn’t quite as responsible as he would like to pretend. Besides, irresponsible spending makes the first generation all that much more interesting!


At least he’s done with that for now. He’s decided to instead take a whirl on the free roller rink. I couldn’t be more thankful.


I may have made him try for a few more tips before he headed home too. Hopefully he can earn enough to buy a crib before the birth of his child.



Siobahn: She’s been sitting there all day, can you believe it? I could have painted her into another Mona Lisa and she wouldn’t have budged.


Since he spent such a pretty penny on that station, Rowan thought it would probably be a good idea to use it. Besides, there is that logic skill he was wanting to build…


Siobahn doesn’t look like she’s painting her friend there into the Mona Lisa, but maybe she had a better idea.


Well, that purchase blew up in your face. Literally.

Rowan: I don’t want to hear another word from you.

Don’t care. Should have wished for a crib.


Siobahn: Soooo, you’re a doctor. Do you know what sex the baby’s going to be?

OF: Boy.

Siobahn: Oh…

Rowan wants a girl, so I guess we’ll just have to try again after this one. Siobahn thought she was going to get away with just having one, but the fates have made her the matriarch of a great legacy! She was destined to have multiple children anyway. Sorry!


Really? You’re fiddling with that thing again?

Rowan: I have this incomprehensible desire to make a stink potion. What do you make of that?

You’re ridiculous. You’re a ridiculous person, that’s what I make of that.

Meanwhile, in the other room…


Siobahn: This is the worst way to wake up!


That looks REAAAAAALLY unpleasant.

Siobahn: More than all the other things combined!


Rowan: What was that sound?



Yeah, he ignored her entire birthing process. All for some stink juice. What a founder I have created. *Facepalm*


Maybe Rowan’s neglect is why she got sick. Literally, at this moment, I got a pop-up that Siobahn was ill. What a way to start this thing off. I hope the baby isn’t sick too…


Well, he’s the opposite of sickly green… I know I looked this red in my infant pictures, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I was screaming. I guess these must be some throwback genetics on Siobahn’s side.

Screenshot-2446 Screenshot-2447

Yay! The first of Generation 2 has been born! Say hello to Ryan Landros! He rolled the brave and good traits so you just know he’s going to be a boyscout. He likes PB&J, Chinese music, and the color… white. I guess he’s going to be the ultimate boyscout.


Yeah, probably.


Onto the floor you go, Ryan, until someone in this house can buy you a crib! Rowan, are you listening?


Rowan: Not to worry, we’ll have plenty of money when I finish this!


Sorry, little boy, it looks like the world is as cruel as I have made it and time is money.


These two are furiously working to make some profitable items to sell for their son’s essentials, but things weren’t exactly working out for Rowan. So, I sent him to the park again. He’ll at least be able to make something on tips.

Screenshot-2452 Screenshot-2453

Eating contest! While Rowan was setting up a groove, I was entertaining myself watching this. I never get tired of these things. One of the many great additions of the Seasons expansion.

Screenshot-2454 Screenshot-2455

Is… Is this the child of that doctor that was tipping Rowan so much the last time he was here? There’s a resemblance, so I’m thinking the generosity runs in the family. She tipped about three or four times.


I’m glad he’s getting tips from others though. I was beginning to think that particular family was just taking pity on him.

Screenshot-2457 Screenshot-2459

Awww! Ryan needed some attention, so Siobahn is having fun playing with her newborn son. He seems to be growing on you, girl, despite how much of a pain he was to bring into the world.


Siobahn: He was, until he started doing this.


… One more tip should do it…


And BAM! In his favorite color and everything! Rowan came through!


I think Siobahn is ready for Ryan to be asleep. Poor thing was exhausted and unhappy, so screaming was all he was doing for a while.


Siobahn: Oh, hey, it’s my husband! I missed you while I was having your baby.

Rowan: I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

Siobahn: How?

Screenshot-2464 Screenshot-2465

Rowan: How about this?

Siobahn: It’s a start.

Screenshot-2466 Screenshot-2467

Rowan isn’t a hopeless romantic, but he’s having a ton of lovey-dovey wishes for Siobahn, one of which was watching the stars together. These pictures aren’t very good at capturing just how devoted he is as a husband, and I think that’s a shame.


Adorbs. 😀


And we’ll end this update with the intention to get that new baby on the way. We still have to make Rowan his girl, so now that we have the first child all settled in his crib, it’s time to strain the budget once more!

Join me next time when Rowan finally starts on his career, we have a birthday, and we have a brand new birth!

Chapter 1.03: Pregnancy is Unpleasant

Welcome back, readers! When we left off, Rowan and Siobahn got married and I discovered that she was the best person Rowan could have chosen as a spouse! We’re also waiting to see if Siobahn is pregnant, so let’s jump in and see what’s going on!


Looks like the two of them are settling into the married life fairly well. Rowan wasn’t hungry quite yet, but Siobahn was starving, so she made a salad. Pay attention to the space behind Rowan as he plays guitar. I’m gonna do a bit of magic…


BOOM! Now Siobahn has a place to eat! Fancy! She had a little left over from tips, so I thought we would get something useful.

Screenshot-2350 Screenshot-2351

Uh-oh, looks like she’s lost her appetite. And after I bought the nice new table too… She’s not looking so good, and from the way she’s looking at Rowan, I think she knows why.

Siobahn: This has something to do with that woohoo we made today, doesn’t it? I retch in your general direction!


Aw man…


If you steal that table, I will end you. I can do it too, don’t test me!

Screenshot-2354 Screenshot-2355

What the… SERIOUSLY? You took the radio of two music lovers? You’re so lucky that I’m an honorable god, because I can’t kill you for taking something I never said I would kill you for taking.

So angry.

(Ahem, so, in reality, though I was angry, I was also LAUGHING SO HARD. I hadn’t seen a burglar in my game for ages, and all of a sudden one shows up on the third day of my official legacy? Get outta town!)


And there goes our intrepid thief. After she stole a radio. Possibly the least valuable thing in the house.

Screenshot-2357 Screenshot-2358

Husband and wife were nestled away, not suspecting a thing (despite what those automatic moodlets suggest), so I decided to be merciful and buy them a new radio so they wouldn’t miss one of their more important wedding gifts.


It’s at this point that I remember to take pictures of the other three wedding gifts. This is the university sketchbook, obviously from one of Siobahn’s good friends who knows she likes art. In fact, I’m convinced that the radio is for her as well and just happens to benefit Rowan too, because let’s face it, Rowan has no friends yet.


And then there’s the oddity I mentioned the last chapter. I’m thinking it’s either from a stanger who doesn’t know anything about either bride or groom, or it’s from one of Siobahn’s more… strange acquaintances.

Maybe Siobahn really likes sharks and I can’t tell. New headcanon.

Regardless, it is terrifying. It’s also the most expensive item in the house right now, which begs the question: why did the burglar take the radio when she COULD have taken this horror show off my hands? Sims are always bringing me all kinds of confusion.


Ooh, and we got a soccer ball! Or football, for everyone else in the world, because America makes no sense.


When morning came around, I remembered that Siobahn and Rowan’s wedding gave them a few days off, so I had Siobahn develop that painting skill a little bit. A legacy’s gotta have portaits, right?

Screenshot-2363 Screenshot-2364

Ohhhh boy…


Man, preganancy, even in a GAME, seems unpleasant.


Siobahn: I hope I’m not coming down with something. This soup should help.

Rowan: You’re not feeling well? I was kind of hoping we could go on a date today…


Turns out she wasn’t feeling so bad, so here Rowan is, derping out with his hopeless romantic pose while he runs toward their ride to the park.


Rowan: You didn’t tell me you had a tour bus.

Siobahn: It never came up.

Yeah, I had forgotten that rock stars get a nice tour bus to cruise around in. Handy.


When they got to the park, Siobahn just knew, as sim ladies do, that she had to spin into her pregnancy clothes.

The legacy begins!


Sheesh, you don’t have to look so happy about it.

Siobahn: I hope this is the end of the throwing up.


I just took a picture of this because Siobahn autonomously had a wish to skate on the roller rink and couldn’t do so due to being pregnant. So she had to pass that temptation by.

Pregnancy is unpleasant. 😦

Screenshot-2372 Screenshot-2373

Meanwhile, Rowan got himself into a water balloon fight with a bunch of strangers. This was because I was really hoping he would get himself a friend or two out of it. He needs some of his own.

Screenshot-2377 Screenshot-2374

He seems to be having a good time, but I don’t know if I can say the same for his teammate here.


Rowan, you’re supposed to be making friends, not taunting people. Knock that off!


Since it was practically the only thing the game would let her do due to her delicate condition, Siobahn was playing some chess under the shade of a tree.

Screenshot-2378 Screenshot-2379

Rowan, after he realized he had lost track of his wife in his hurry to pelt people with water balloons, sat down to join her. He, of course, brings up the very sensitive subject of their future child.

Rowan: What kinds of toys should we buy? I think our baby would like a teddy bear or something.

Screenshot-2380 Screenshot-2381

Well, someone’s in a mood…

Siobahn: You would be too, if you couldn’t have any fun. I’m just looking forward to getting this little trouble-maker out of me.

Rowan: Pregnancy must be unpleasant…

Screenshot-2382 Screenshot-2383

Here’s Siobahn, trying AGAIN to do things the game is clearly unwilling to let her do. Poor thing.


In the meantime, Rowan is fulfilling his wish of getting to level three logic while avoiding his wife’s unhappiness. It kind of sucks that they’re having a problem this early in their marriage.


Oh well, at least Siobahn doesn’t look so unhappy now. At least you can still dance girl!


Rowan eventually works up the courage to clear the air with Siobahn, because I don’t like the idea of having founders that are this jaded with each other. Work it out, you two!

Screenshot-2387 Screenshot-2388

Rowan: I know you’re upset, but can you just show me a glimpse of your radient smile? Please?

Siobahn: Stop it! You’re making it really difficult to stay mad…


Siobahn: Let’s take this make-up session elsewhere, alright?


Rowan: … Okay.


Rowan: … Uh, are you… absolutely sure about this?


Siobahn: I should at least get to do the thing that put me in this condition in the first place.

Rowan: But, here?

Siobahn: Hello? Party animal.

Screenshot-2393 Screenshot-2394

Huzzah! Public woohoo! That’s another wish down for Siobahn.


Rowan: Well, I guess that wasn’t so bad. I don’t feel as dirty as I thought I would…


Well, maybe you should feel dirty, Rowan. You took pictures.


Rowan: Oh, oh my…!

You woohooed in a photo booth, Rowan, what did you think that was? A receipt?

Rowan: Well, I didn’t put any money in! I thought it might have been someone else’s or…

Screenshot-2398 Screenshot-2399

Well, considering Rowan is going to be a father soon, I guess he thought he couldn’t have pictures of that floating around.

LEAVE NO EVIDENCE! (This should be read in a certain voice of a certain cartoon character. If anyone guesses who, I’ll… I don’t know, say something super nice to you.)


These two can’t stay away from their guitars for long. I let them practice for a little while, for the sakes of both their lifetime wishes, and then I had them end their date and head home.

Screenshot-2401 Screenshot-2402

I’m not sure what Rowan is doing here. He looks really pleased with himself, but he also looks a little angry? Maybe in the first picture he’s checking a note he wrote on his hand and remembered something really awesome?

Who knows. He’s a funny one, that Rowan.

Screenshot-2403 Screenshot-2404

At this point, I sent Siobahn out by herself. She had a wish that is kind of a solitary endeavor, so I thought it would be appropriate to leave Rowan at home practicing his guitar again. I also managed to get a picture of the tour bus she rides in, even though it’s nearly impossible to take proper pictures during a full moon.

I need to get a lighting mod to fix that, I think.


She, of course, had a wish to visit the graveyard during a full moon, because my sims never stop wishing for that. Nearly all of them have a desire to take a trip there the moment they can start wishing for things. It gets tiresome at best, and a little creepy the rest of the time.


Siobahn started mourning at this random grave here just about immediately. It only says “remains” when you hover your cursor over it, so I assume it’s officially a prop, but I like to pretend that this was actually one of her anscestors or something. Moar headcanon!

Screenshot-2408 Screenshot-2409

After she came back home, she and Rowan practiced their respective skills for a while. Rowan is progressing really fast on the guitar. Pretty soon he’ll be caught up to Siobahn, but that’s only because she has more than one skill to develop for her lifetime wish. Plus, she has to do painting so we can have our portraits. She’ll be a VERY busy bee while she’s home.


Rowan does a lot of cleaning autonomously. The only sims I’ve known to do this are the neurotic ones, or the ones with the neat trait, so I’m not sure what makes him do that. Maybe he’s just the cop musician that doesn’t play by the rules. If anyone has any other ideas though, let me know.


Let’s end this update with a sentimental photo of our couple in front of a summer backdrop. It’s a little difficult to see, I know, but hopefully you can juuuuust make out how adorable it is. I love these two so much. I’ve been playing this game for years, but they are my favorite couple by far.

Come back next time for an update on Siobahn’s pregancy, whether or not it’s going better for her, and what sex the baby is!

Landros Legacy 1.02: Best Legacy Spouse EVER!


Thank you for reading the Landros Legacy! When we left off in the last chapter, Rowan was practicing his guitar skill, and here in this picture, he’s picking right back up on that. I even changed the color of the guitar to match his favorite color a bit better!

But the most exciting part about this is that he’s just passing the time until Siobahn gets here. I had Rowan invite her over the next morning after their meeting, so that we can propose to her! Are you excited Rowan?

Rowan: If by “excited” you mean about to pass out from overexerted nerves, then yes.

Come on, I’m sure she’ll say yes. You have so much in common. Screenshot-2304

Despite how nervous he was and how he didn’t have the best of houses, he started the thing off right. Can’t go wrong with some pretty flowers for a pretty lady.


… Some hand holding…


… and a nice kiss.

Go for it kid, it’s now or never!


Rowan: I have something for you, and I hope you won’t think this is too sudden…


Rowan, you’ll want to hide that speech bubble if you want her to be surprised. She’s looking right at it.


Oh, well, never mind.

Siobahn: Oh wow! I always wanted a guy I had just met to propose marriage to me!

Okay, so this is a little creepy, but hey, it’s the sims. I waited longer than some to propose to the target legacy spouse, so… there’s that I guess.


I love how the sims in this game automatically have expensive engagement rings despite the dirt poor conditions of challenges like these.

Rowan: Expensive? Oh, no. I got this out of one of those fifty-cent toy machines.

Really? I hope she’s not offended by this…


Siobahn: Offended? More like ECSTATIC! Diamonds are for losers!

De Beers hates you, Siobahn. But I am so stoked to have you as a part of my sim family!



She looks pretty happy to be a part of it too! But there’s still one more step left before she can officially be on Team Landros.


Rowan: I’m getting there. Just let me hold my fiancee a little longer before she becomes my wife.

They are so sweet!

Screenshot-2319Screenshot-2320 Screenshot-2321Screenshot-2322

Gotta love the first wedding of a legacy. Private ceremony on the lawn.

Rowan: You don’t exactly have room to talk.

I guess I don’t, do I? I’m getting married at the courthouse next week. 🙂


Awwwwww! They look so happy!


With Siobahn coming into the household, the sleeping bag I got Rowan wasn’t going to cut it. So, since Siobahn brought in a pretty prenny in addition to her wonderful self, I build a one-room addition to the house. It’s not much, but I combined their favorite colors of Lilac and spice brown and got them a nice double bed.


A double bed that they are going to get to using right away. Got to get to making those babies!

Notice Siobahn has got her fists in the air? She’s a party animal. I’ve never rolled that trait with any of my other sims, so this should be fun!

She’s also flirty, charismatic, and in addition to her already known virtuoso trait, she is artistic! YES! I already have someone to paint legacy portraits! BEST. LEGACY. SPOUSE. EVER.

Screenshot-2326 Screenshot-2327

Rowan: So, would you… I mean, can we…?

Siobahn: We have to consummate right?


Siobahn: Let’s get busy!

Screenshot-2329 Screenshot-2331

The two of them had other things to do, though, so they couldn’t bask in marital bliss all day long. Rowan had a wish to take a music class since his first day. Since we had a bit of money left from Siobahn’s savings, I sent him over. I forgot to take a picture of the whole theater again… *grumble*

After he left the class, he started talking to this guy, and THIS is actually an effect of his “no sense of humor” trait. He has the ability to bore people to death. I didn’t capture a screenshot of the guy collapsing from boredom on the sidewalk, though. I’m going to have to get better at this picture thing, obviously.

Screenshot-2330 Screenshot-2336

Siobahn was interested in playing for tips, so I sent her to the park.

She came into the household with four points of guitar skill already, which is fantastic, since her lifetime wish is to have a Golden Tongue and Golden Fingers. This means building up her charisma and guitar skill to level ten. This makes me a little bit nervous, since I’ve always had a hard time with the charisma skill. But she came into the household with a couple of charisma points too, so at least I don’t have to start from scratch.

She also came complete with a career as a rock star! Awesome! She’s in one branch of the music career – the other one Rowan is going to choose for his LTW.



You see, these people know she’s the best! It’s not the music they’re dancing too (although it certainly doesn’t hurt)! It’s her awesomeness!

Screenshot-2333 Screenshot-2334

When I locked back onto Rowan, it appeared that he decided to have a celebratory swim, since I didn’t give him anything else to do. Besides, all his wishes have to do with Siobahn right now, and she’s busy.

Having fun, Rowan?


Rowan: I am.

That face, though…

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Get out of the pool a second, Rowan.


Rowan: What?

… Dem abs tho.


Rowan: And you called me creepy last chapter? Get out of my life.

LOL! He actually walked away from me! Without me directing him to! Should I assume he sensed I was being a weirdo, taking pictures of his abs, and left?That’s my headcanon now, because it’s hysterical!


Meanwhile, Siobahn has no idea that I was creeping on her husband earlier, BWAHAHAHAHA!

Siobahn: This smile isn’t carefree, it’s me giggling at you for being so sad as to drool over virtual abs.

Yeeeeeeaaaaah, I’m not going to dig this hole any deeper…

Screenshot-2342 Screenshot-2343

Instead, let’s focus on the party Siobahn started with her sweet jamming in the park! She is really getting the people grooving!

Screenshot-2344 Screenshot-2339 

She even got to fulfill that wish of hers when people dropped tips in her guitar case. She’s earning back some of the money we spent on the bedroom and the music lesson today, and she’s making friends in the process, which will surely help with that charisma skill.


Seriously, you guys, if you have a chance to start a legacy in Dragon Valley, Siobahn Murphy is the way to go. I don’t think she’s ever going to disappoint me.


Meanwhile, Rowan headed back home and practiced his own music skills for a while.


Until I sent Siobahn home, and the two of them made music together.

That boombox in the corner was a wedding gift from one of Siobahn’s friends. I believe they also got a terrifying shark jaw statue that I’m sure you’ll see later. I thought about selling it, but it’s so ridiculously out of place that I kind of think it’s funny. Also, I plan on collecting a lot of stuff during this legacy, so it probably won’t stand out too badly over time.

Well, that’s it for this chapter. I hope you come back for the next one where we’ll find out if Siobahn is pregnant yet.



Landros Legacy 1.01: Introduction

As I’ve said on the Boolprop forums recently, I’ve been lurking in the Sims community for some time, particularly the Sims 3 community. It’s my favorite of the series so far, and I’ve been playing for a few years. I’ve always wanted to start a legacy and post it on the internet, but the time was never right…

Until now.

Epic as that sounds, I have no idea how well this is going to turn out. I hope I can be sufficiently entertaining for anyone reading. Or, I at least hope my sims turn out interesting. This will be just a regular legacy with regular rules. I’ll be keeping score as best I can, and trying to fulfill all the lifetime wishes of everyone in the household.

One thing I would like to note before I begin, though – I notice that a lot of legacy players choose lifetime wishes for their sims whenever they pop up in either childhood or adolescence. I’ll be assigning the lifetime wishes of all my sims with they reach young adulthood. I’ve been playing like this for a while just because it’s more challenging for me to try to fulfill the wish with more limited time. This will also add an element of surprise when it comes to choosing an heir, because I’ll have an heir poll during adolescence of the potentials. You won’t know exactly what they’ll be doing until after the voting’s over!

Now that that’s over with, let’s take a look at our heir.




This is Rowan Landros. He’s a friendly virtuoso with Lady Luck on his side. He also loves the heat and has no sense of humor. Favorites are Classical Music, Grilled Salmon, and the color Spice Brown. His lifetime goal is to be a Hit Movie Composer.

And isn’t he just the cutest? I love those shirtsleeves on him. 🙂

Say hello, Rowan.


Nice overcoat too. But wow, that sour look on your face must be your No Sense of Humor trait coming out already, huh?

Rowan: No, it’s because you put me smack dab in the middle of dragon country.


Yeeeaaaah, see that garbage can and mailbox? We’re doing this thing in Dragon Valley! Fun right? I haven’t seen any other legacies done here (even though I’m sure there’s SOMEONE else out there who’s done it), and instead of going for the usual legacy towns with the usual legacy spouses, I wanted to spice things up a bit.


Rowan: Yeah, maybe the dragons will sprinkle some cumin or thyme on me before they roast and eat me.

You know, the game says you don’t have a sense of humor, but that snark is pretty sharp. All after I built you your lovely pad.



Screenshot-2230 Screenshot-2231

Don’t judge me. I build strange houses. Definitely not an architect, but at least it’s weird enough to be interesting. Right?


The first thing Rowan gets a wish for is, of course, to get a job in music so that he can start working on that liftime want. This stereotypical new york taxi looks so out of place on the cobblestones in this world. Bizarre to the max.

Screenshot-2233 Screenshot-2234

So, this is the theater. At least, the theater doors. This is a reminder to myself to take a picture of the whole building, so that I can show off Dragon Valley! I’m so sick to death of Sunset Valley that I’m really surprised I haven’t managed to take every picture possible of this world instead yet.

Screenshot-2235 Screenshot-2236

So he gets out of the building, having accepted his job offer, and what’s the first thing he does? Stand there and watch internet videos on his smart phone. Sheesh! Rowan, instead of wasting your time on YouTube, you need to get out there and find a lady friend. This is a legacy, after all.


Rowan: Fine. If you insist.


So, I sent him to the park to keep an eye out for potential spouse material. This was the first person I saw, and even though she’s too young to be a spouse, I could not resist going over and taking a look at what her table had available. She’s so adorable!


Little Girl: Who’s this weirdo? He doesn’t even have purple hair!


Rowan: Do you have any Salmon?

Little Girl: … Are you serious?


Rowan: That muffin looks delicious. I’ll take one.


I just think this bake stand is so cute. I’ve never had much luck making it work myself, but whenever I see a kid in my neighborhood selling something on it, I have to partake. At least I can make it work for the townies, and my sim gets something yummy to eat!


Rowan wasn’t technically hungry, but I got him a blueberry muffin. 🙂


While Rowan was eating, I took a look around. The women in the park were mostly firting with other men, so there wasn’t much to choose from.

Screenshot-2245 Screenshot-2246

Mrs. Pinkhair here just spun into her pregnancy attire, and for some reason, Rowan finds this gasp-worthy. Never seen a pregnant woman before, Rowan?

Rowan: Don’t be ridiculous. I was a little surprised that she suddenly KNEW, though, considering she’s not showing.

That’s fair. I wish I had certain knowledge of pregnancy like that.


I sent Rowan over to talk to this other pink-haired woman. It’s kind of a salmon color, actually, which probably makes her stand out to Rowan. I’m making his favorite of salmon into an obsession, aren’t I? 

Screenshot-2248 Screenshot-2249

They seem to get along alright, but she’s a reposession specialist, and I’m not sure I want service sims in my legacy just yet. Maybe in a future generation.


He started shouting at this young lady autonomously, because that’s exactly what a stanger in town should be doing to the locals.


Rowan, what is your problem? Don’t just randomly start harrassing young ladies at the park! What did she ever do to you?

Rowan: I heard she was confrontational!

You just got here today! How have you heard any gossip yet? And what’s more confrontational than shouting at someone you don’t know?


Her name is Siobahn Murphy, which looks like a cool name on the screen, but I’m not sure how to pronounce the given part of that. If anyone has any clue, leave a comment.

Because she seemed like a perfectly nice lady and Rowan had no reason to be so rude, I sent him over to introduce himself and apologize. And then…


… Well, your tune changed real quick, didn’t it?

Rowan: I… I didn’t realize how pretty she was until I got closer.

You are the actual worst.

Screenshot-2266 Screenshot-2264

Thankfully, Rowan wasn’t awkward again. He kept the conversation going with her for a while, and they were good friends by noon. That’s some fast work! She must like your face, kid.


Rowan: I like her’s too.

Don’t be creepy.


OH MY GODS… She’s a virtuoso too! I never imagined Rowan would get this lucky his first time out spouse-hunting! Be as charming as possible, boy! Don’t let her slip away!


I wish I had gotten a shot of his face here, because he looks like he’s barely containing his excitement already. He has an option to “worship” her, which would make sense given this reaction, but I’ll have to test this out later, because I do NOT want to mess this up with Siobahn. Does anyone know what “worship” does?


I spy a favorite color! And a shooting star. That second one isn’t as important. I just wanted to show you how fascinated Rowan appears no matter the topic of conversation. Ah! These two were made for each other!



… But if you talk about the pitter patter of little feet this early in the game, you might still mess it up, soul mates or not.

Screenshot-2279 Screenshot-2280

I’m always a fan of rock, paper, scissors to build relationships. Even though it looks a little ridiculous.


Rowan: So… Do you have a boyfriend?


Siobahn: Does this autonomous intimate embrace answer your question?


Rowan: That’s pretty convincing.

Screenshot-2285 Screenshot-2287

I started spamming romantic interactions, because as you can see, the sun was going down, and so were Rowan’s needs. I play the game with Twallan’s Story Progression, which is handy to have considering how broken EA’s can get to the point when the townies won’t reproduce at all. On the other hand, I think the default of the story progression mod makes townies pair off extremely fast, so I had to get Siobahn in a relationship with Rowan before that happened.

Screenshot-2289 Screenshot-2293 Screenshot-2292 Screenshot-2294

Yes! Successful romancing!


I wasted no time once the option popped up.

Rowan: I know we just met today, but I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, and…


Siobahn: Don’t be sappy, goofball.

I like her already. 😀


It was at that point that Siobahn, willful woman that she is, asked Rowan to move in with her. Because I want to be able to build on the lot I already bought for our founder, I had Rowan turn her down. This unfortunately didn’t go over well, and their spam-lationship took a pretty big hit. I didn’t get a picture of it, but she even “boo”ed him as he had “boo”ed her earlier in the day. So it comes full circle…

I had to give them a few more positive interactions to end the night on a good note, and this goodbye kiss was all I took a picture of. Lazy Sorceress!


When Rowan finally got home, he was starving. That’s what I get for trying so hard to get him hooked up as fast as possible. At least he has enough money left from my building project for a salad.


Obligatory shot of the founder eating his dinner on the toilet. It’s tradition for legacy writers at this point, so who am I to break it?

Screenshot-2299 Screenshot-2300

And Rowan ends the night by playing the guitar I bought him for being such a good founder and finding a girlfriend on the very first night out! I think you’re swell, man!

Rowan: Siobahn is the one who has to think I’m swell. Thanks to you, though, she’s angry with me. I just hope I can fix this by impressing her with my musical skill…

Sorry, but ten generations of your family have to live out their lives on this lot. No way I’m letting the founder break a rule like that right out of the starting gate. So quit your whining! Every couple have their little disagreements!

I hope everyone reading had as much fun with Rowan’s first day as I did! He’s doing great! I’m very impressed with how efficient he is. Next time, we’ll see if we can’t convince Siobahn to move in with HIM instead of the other way around. See you next time!