Landros Legacy 1.01: Introduction

As I’ve said on the Boolprop forums recently, I’ve been lurking in the Sims community for some time, particularly the Sims 3 community. It’s my favorite of the series so far, and I’ve been playing for a few years. I’ve always wanted to start a legacy and post it on the internet, but the time was never right…

Until now.

Epic as that sounds, I have no idea how well this is going to turn out. I hope I can be sufficiently entertaining for anyone reading. Or, I at least hope my sims turn out interesting. This will be just a regular legacy with regular rules. I’ll be keeping score as best I can, and trying to fulfill all the lifetime wishes of everyone in the household.

One thing I would like to note before I begin, though – I notice that a lot of legacy players choose lifetime wishes for their sims whenever they pop up in either childhood or adolescence. I’ll be assigning the lifetime wishes of all my sims with they reach young adulthood. I’ve been playing like this for a while just because it’s more challenging for me to try to fulfill the wish with more limited time. This will also add an element of surprise when it comes to choosing an heir, because I’ll have an heir poll during adolescence of the potentials. You won’t know exactly what they’ll be doing until after the voting’s over!

Now that that’s over with, let’s take a look at our heir.




This is Rowan Landros. He’s a friendly virtuoso with Lady Luck on his side. He also loves the heat and has no sense of humor. Favorites are Classical Music, Grilled Salmon, and the color Spice Brown. His lifetime goal is to be a Hit Movie Composer.

And isn’t he just the cutest? I love those shirtsleeves on him. 🙂

Say hello, Rowan.


Nice overcoat too. But wow, that sour look on your face must be your No Sense of Humor trait coming out already, huh?

Rowan: No, it’s because you put me smack dab in the middle of dragon country.


Yeeeaaaah, see that garbage can and mailbox? We’re doing this thing in Dragon Valley! Fun right? I haven’t seen any other legacies done here (even though I’m sure there’s SOMEONE else out there who’s done it), and instead of going for the usual legacy towns with the usual legacy spouses, I wanted to spice things up a bit.


Rowan: Yeah, maybe the dragons will sprinkle some cumin or thyme on me before they roast and eat me.

You know, the game says you don’t have a sense of humor, but that snark is pretty sharp. All after I built you your lovely pad.



Screenshot-2230 Screenshot-2231

Don’t judge me. I build strange houses. Definitely not an architect, but at least it’s weird enough to be interesting. Right?


The first thing Rowan gets a wish for is, of course, to get a job in music so that he can start working on that liftime want. This stereotypical new york taxi looks so out of place on the cobblestones in this world. Bizarre to the max.

Screenshot-2233 Screenshot-2234

So, this is the theater. At least, the theater doors. This is a reminder to myself to take a picture of the whole building, so that I can show off Dragon Valley! I’m so sick to death of Sunset Valley that I’m really surprised I haven’t managed to take every picture possible of this world instead yet.

Screenshot-2235 Screenshot-2236

So he gets out of the building, having accepted his job offer, and what’s the first thing he does? Stand there and watch internet videos on his smart phone. Sheesh! Rowan, instead of wasting your time on YouTube, you need to get out there and find a lady friend. This is a legacy, after all.


Rowan: Fine. If you insist.


So, I sent him to the park to keep an eye out for potential spouse material. This was the first person I saw, and even though she’s too young to be a spouse, I could not resist going over and taking a look at what her table had available. She’s so adorable!


Little Girl: Who’s this weirdo? He doesn’t even have purple hair!


Rowan: Do you have any Salmon?

Little Girl: … Are you serious?


Rowan: That muffin looks delicious. I’ll take one.


I just think this bake stand is so cute. I’ve never had much luck making it work myself, but whenever I see a kid in my neighborhood selling something on it, I have to partake. At least I can make it work for the townies, and my sim gets something yummy to eat!


Rowan wasn’t technically hungry, but I got him a blueberry muffin. 🙂


While Rowan was eating, I took a look around. The women in the park were mostly firting with other men, so there wasn’t much to choose from.

Screenshot-2245 Screenshot-2246

Mrs. Pinkhair here just spun into her pregnancy attire, and for some reason, Rowan finds this gasp-worthy. Never seen a pregnant woman before, Rowan?

Rowan: Don’t be ridiculous. I was a little surprised that she suddenly KNEW, though, considering she’s not showing.

That’s fair. I wish I had certain knowledge of pregnancy like that.


I sent Rowan over to talk to this other pink-haired woman. It’s kind of a salmon color, actually, which probably makes her stand out to Rowan. I’m making his favorite of salmon into an obsession, aren’t I? 

Screenshot-2248 Screenshot-2249

They seem to get along alright, but she’s a reposession specialist, and I’m not sure I want service sims in my legacy just yet. Maybe in a future generation.


He started shouting at this young lady autonomously, because that’s exactly what a stanger in town should be doing to the locals.


Rowan, what is your problem? Don’t just randomly start harrassing young ladies at the park! What did she ever do to you?

Rowan: I heard she was confrontational!

You just got here today! How have you heard any gossip yet? And what’s more confrontational than shouting at someone you don’t know?


Her name is Siobahn Murphy, which looks like a cool name on the screen, but I’m not sure how to pronounce the given part of that. If anyone has any clue, leave a comment.

Because she seemed like a perfectly nice lady and Rowan had no reason to be so rude, I sent him over to introduce himself and apologize. And then…


… Well, your tune changed real quick, didn’t it?

Rowan: I… I didn’t realize how pretty she was until I got closer.

You are the actual worst.

Screenshot-2266 Screenshot-2264

Thankfully, Rowan wasn’t awkward again. He kept the conversation going with her for a while, and they were good friends by noon. That’s some fast work! She must like your face, kid.


Rowan: I like her’s too.

Don’t be creepy.


OH MY GODS… She’s a virtuoso too! I never imagined Rowan would get this lucky his first time out spouse-hunting! Be as charming as possible, boy! Don’t let her slip away!


I wish I had gotten a shot of his face here, because he looks like he’s barely containing his excitement already. He has an option to “worship” her, which would make sense given this reaction, but I’ll have to test this out later, because I do NOT want to mess this up with Siobahn. Does anyone know what “worship” does?


I spy a favorite color! And a shooting star. That second one isn’t as important. I just wanted to show you how fascinated Rowan appears no matter the topic of conversation. Ah! These two were made for each other!



… But if you talk about the pitter patter of little feet this early in the game, you might still mess it up, soul mates or not.

Screenshot-2279 Screenshot-2280

I’m always a fan of rock, paper, scissors to build relationships. Even though it looks a little ridiculous.


Rowan: So… Do you have a boyfriend?


Siobahn: Does this autonomous intimate embrace answer your question?


Rowan: That’s pretty convincing.

Screenshot-2285 Screenshot-2287

I started spamming romantic interactions, because as you can see, the sun was going down, and so were Rowan’s needs. I play the game with Twallan’s Story Progression, which is handy to have considering how broken EA’s can get to the point when the townies won’t reproduce at all. On the other hand, I think the default of the story progression mod makes townies pair off extremely fast, so I had to get Siobahn in a relationship with Rowan before that happened.

Screenshot-2289 Screenshot-2293 Screenshot-2292 Screenshot-2294

Yes! Successful romancing!


I wasted no time once the option popped up.

Rowan: I know we just met today, but I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, and…


Siobahn: Don’t be sappy, goofball.

I like her already. 😀


It was at that point that Siobahn, willful woman that she is, asked Rowan to move in with her. Because I want to be able to build on the lot I already bought for our founder, I had Rowan turn her down. This unfortunately didn’t go over well, and their spam-lationship took a pretty big hit. I didn’t get a picture of it, but she even “boo”ed him as he had “boo”ed her earlier in the day. So it comes full circle…

I had to give them a few more positive interactions to end the night on a good note, and this goodbye kiss was all I took a picture of. Lazy Sorceress!


When Rowan finally got home, he was starving. That’s what I get for trying so hard to get him hooked up as fast as possible. At least he has enough money left from my building project for a salad.


Obligatory shot of the founder eating his dinner on the toilet. It’s tradition for legacy writers at this point, so who am I to break it?

Screenshot-2299 Screenshot-2300

And Rowan ends the night by playing the guitar I bought him for being such a good founder and finding a girlfriend on the very first night out! I think you’re swell, man!

Rowan: Siobahn is the one who has to think I’m swell. Thanks to you, though, she’s angry with me. I just hope I can fix this by impressing her with my musical skill…

Sorry, but ten generations of your family have to live out their lives on this lot. No way I’m letting the founder break a rule like that right out of the starting gate. So quit your whining! Every couple have their little disagreements!

I hope everyone reading had as much fun with Rowan’s first day as I did! He’s doing great! I’m very impressed with how efficient he is. Next time, we’ll see if we can’t convince Siobahn to move in with HIM instead of the other way around. See you next time!





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