Landros Legacy 1.02: Best Legacy Spouse EVER!


Thank you for reading the Landros Legacy! When we left off in the last chapter, Rowan was practicing his guitar skill, and here in this picture, he’s picking right back up on that. I even changed the color of the guitar to match his favorite color a bit better!

But the most exciting part about this is that he’s just passing the time until Siobahn gets here. I had Rowan invite her over the next morning after their meeting, so that we can propose to her! Are you excited Rowan?

Rowan: If by “excited” you mean about to pass out from overexerted nerves, then yes.

Come on, I’m sure she’ll say yes. You have so much in common. Screenshot-2304

Despite how nervous he was and how he didn’t have the best of houses, he started the thing off right. Can’t go wrong with some pretty flowers for a pretty lady.


… Some hand holding…


… and a nice kiss.

Go for it kid, it’s now or never!


Rowan: I have something for you, and I hope you won’t think this is too sudden…


Rowan, you’ll want to hide that speech bubble if you want her to be surprised. She’s looking right at it.


Oh, well, never mind.

Siobahn: Oh wow! I always wanted a guy I had just met to propose marriage to me!

Okay, so this is a little creepy, but hey, it’s the sims. I waited longer than some to propose to the target legacy spouse, so… there’s that I guess.


I love how the sims in this game automatically have expensive engagement rings despite the dirt poor conditions of challenges like these.

Rowan: Expensive? Oh, no. I got this out of one of those fifty-cent toy machines.

Really? I hope she’s not offended by this…


Siobahn: Offended? More like ECSTATIC! Diamonds are for losers!

De Beers hates you, Siobahn. But I am so stoked to have you as a part of my sim family!



She looks pretty happy to be a part of it too! But there’s still one more step left before she can officially be on Team Landros.


Rowan: I’m getting there. Just let me hold my fiancee a little longer before she becomes my wife.

They are so sweet!

Screenshot-2319Screenshot-2320 Screenshot-2321Screenshot-2322

Gotta love the first wedding of a legacy. Private ceremony on the lawn.

Rowan: You don’t exactly have room to talk.

I guess I don’t, do I? I’m getting married at the courthouse next week. 🙂


Awwwwww! They look so happy!


With Siobahn coming into the household, the sleeping bag I got Rowan wasn’t going to cut it. So, since Siobahn brought in a pretty prenny in addition to her wonderful self, I build a one-room addition to the house. It’s not much, but I combined their favorite colors of Lilac and spice brown and got them a nice double bed.


A double bed that they are going to get to using right away. Got to get to making those babies!

Notice Siobahn has got her fists in the air? She’s a party animal. I’ve never rolled that trait with any of my other sims, so this should be fun!

She’s also flirty, charismatic, and in addition to her already known virtuoso trait, she is artistic! YES! I already have someone to paint legacy portraits! BEST. LEGACY. SPOUSE. EVER.

Screenshot-2326 Screenshot-2327

Rowan: So, would you… I mean, can we…?

Siobahn: We have to consummate right?


Siobahn: Let’s get busy!

Screenshot-2329 Screenshot-2331

The two of them had other things to do, though, so they couldn’t bask in marital bliss all day long. Rowan had a wish to take a music class since his first day. Since we had a bit of money left from Siobahn’s savings, I sent him over. I forgot to take a picture of the whole theater again… *grumble*

After he left the class, he started talking to this guy, and THIS is actually an effect of his “no sense of humor” trait. He has the ability to bore people to death. I didn’t capture a screenshot of the guy collapsing from boredom on the sidewalk, though. I’m going to have to get better at this picture thing, obviously.

Screenshot-2330 Screenshot-2336

Siobahn was interested in playing for tips, so I sent her to the park.

She came into the household with four points of guitar skill already, which is fantastic, since her lifetime wish is to have a Golden Tongue and Golden Fingers. This means building up her charisma and guitar skill to level ten. This makes me a little bit nervous, since I’ve always had a hard time with the charisma skill. But she came into the household with a couple of charisma points too, so at least I don’t have to start from scratch.

She also came complete with a career as a rock star! Awesome! She’s in one branch of the music career – the other one Rowan is going to choose for his LTW.



You see, these people know she’s the best! It’s not the music they’re dancing too (although it certainly doesn’t hurt)! It’s her awesomeness!

Screenshot-2333 Screenshot-2334

When I locked back onto Rowan, it appeared that he decided to have a celebratory swim, since I didn’t give him anything else to do. Besides, all his wishes have to do with Siobahn right now, and she’s busy.

Having fun, Rowan?


Rowan: I am.

That face, though…

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Get out of the pool a second, Rowan.


Rowan: What?

… Dem abs tho.


Rowan: And you called me creepy last chapter? Get out of my life.

LOL! He actually walked away from me! Without me directing him to! Should I assume he sensed I was being a weirdo, taking pictures of his abs, and left?That’s my headcanon now, because it’s hysterical!


Meanwhile, Siobahn has no idea that I was creeping on her husband earlier, BWAHAHAHAHA!

Siobahn: This smile isn’t carefree, it’s me giggling at you for being so sad as to drool over virtual abs.

Yeeeeeeaaaaah, I’m not going to dig this hole any deeper…

Screenshot-2342 Screenshot-2343

Instead, let’s focus on the party Siobahn started with her sweet jamming in the park! She is really getting the people grooving!

Screenshot-2344 Screenshot-2339 

She even got to fulfill that wish of hers when people dropped tips in her guitar case. She’s earning back some of the money we spent on the bedroom and the music lesson today, and she’s making friends in the process, which will surely help with that charisma skill.


Seriously, you guys, if you have a chance to start a legacy in Dragon Valley, Siobahn Murphy is the way to go. I don’t think she’s ever going to disappoint me.


Meanwhile, Rowan headed back home and practiced his own music skills for a while.


Until I sent Siobahn home, and the two of them made music together.

That boombox in the corner was a wedding gift from one of Siobahn’s friends. I believe they also got a terrifying shark jaw statue that I’m sure you’ll see later. I thought about selling it, but it’s so ridiculously out of place that I kind of think it’s funny. Also, I plan on collecting a lot of stuff during this legacy, so it probably won’t stand out too badly over time.

Well, that’s it for this chapter. I hope you come back for the next one where we’ll find out if Siobahn is pregnant yet.




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