Chapter 1.03: Pregnancy is Unpleasant

Welcome back, readers! When we left off, Rowan and Siobahn got married and I discovered that she was the best person Rowan could have chosen as a spouse! We’re also waiting to see if Siobahn is pregnant, so let’s jump in and see what’s going on!


Looks like the two of them are settling into the married life fairly well. Rowan wasn’t hungry quite yet, but Siobahn was starving, so she made a salad. Pay attention to the space behind Rowan as he plays guitar. I’m gonna do a bit of magic…


BOOM! Now Siobahn has a place to eat! Fancy! She had a little left over from tips, so I thought we would get something useful.

Screenshot-2350 Screenshot-2351

Uh-oh, looks like she’s lost her appetite. And after I bought the nice new table too… She’s not looking so good, and from the way she’s looking at Rowan, I think she knows why.

Siobahn: This has something to do with that woohoo we made today, doesn’t it? I retch in your general direction!


Aw man…


If you steal that table, I will end you. I can do it too, don’t test me!

Screenshot-2354 Screenshot-2355

What the… SERIOUSLY? You took the radio of two music lovers? You’re so lucky that I’m an honorable god, because I can’t kill you for taking something I never said I would kill you for taking.

So angry.

(Ahem, so, in reality, though I was angry, I was also LAUGHING SO HARD. I hadn’t seen a burglar in my game for ages, and all of a sudden one shows up on the third day of my official legacy? Get outta town!)


And there goes our intrepid thief. After she stole a radio. Possibly the least valuable thing in the house.

Screenshot-2357 Screenshot-2358

Husband and wife were nestled away, not suspecting a thing (despite what those automatic moodlets suggest), so I decided to be merciful and buy them a new radio so they wouldn’t miss one of their more important wedding gifts.


It’s at this point that I remember to take pictures of the other three wedding gifts. This is the university sketchbook, obviously from one of Siobahn’s good friends who knows she likes art. In fact, I’m convinced that the radio is for her as well and just happens to benefit Rowan too, because let’s face it, Rowan has no friends yet.


And then there’s the oddity I mentioned the last chapter. I’m thinking it’s either from a stanger who doesn’t know anything about either bride or groom, or it’s from one of Siobahn’s more… strange acquaintances.

Maybe Siobahn really likes sharks and I can’t tell. New headcanon.

Regardless, it is terrifying. It’s also the most expensive item in the house right now, which begs the question: why did the burglar take the radio when she COULD have taken this horror show off my hands? Sims are always bringing me all kinds of confusion.


Ooh, and we got a soccer ball! Or football, for everyone else in the world, because America makes no sense.


When morning came around, I remembered that Siobahn and Rowan’s wedding gave them a few days off, so I had Siobahn develop that painting skill a little bit. A legacy’s gotta have portaits, right?

Screenshot-2363 Screenshot-2364

Ohhhh boy…


Man, preganancy, even in a GAME, seems unpleasant.


Siobahn: I hope I’m not coming down with something. This soup should help.

Rowan: You’re not feeling well? I was kind of hoping we could go on a date today…


Turns out she wasn’t feeling so bad, so here Rowan is, derping out with his hopeless romantic pose while he runs toward their ride to the park.


Rowan: You didn’t tell me you had a tour bus.

Siobahn: It never came up.

Yeah, I had forgotten that rock stars get a nice tour bus to cruise around in. Handy.


When they got to the park, Siobahn just knew, as sim ladies do, that she had to spin into her pregnancy clothes.

The legacy begins!


Sheesh, you don’t have to look so happy about it.

Siobahn: I hope this is the end of the throwing up.


I just took a picture of this because Siobahn autonomously had a wish to skate on the roller rink and couldn’t do so due to being pregnant. So she had to pass that temptation by.

Pregnancy is unpleasant. 😦

Screenshot-2372 Screenshot-2373

Meanwhile, Rowan got himself into a water balloon fight with a bunch of strangers. This was because I was really hoping he would get himself a friend or two out of it. He needs some of his own.

Screenshot-2377 Screenshot-2374

He seems to be having a good time, but I don’t know if I can say the same for his teammate here.


Rowan, you’re supposed to be making friends, not taunting people. Knock that off!


Since it was practically the only thing the game would let her do due to her delicate condition, Siobahn was playing some chess under the shade of a tree.

Screenshot-2378 Screenshot-2379

Rowan, after he realized he had lost track of his wife in his hurry to pelt people with water balloons, sat down to join her. He, of course, brings up the very sensitive subject of their future child.

Rowan: What kinds of toys should we buy? I think our baby would like a teddy bear or something.

Screenshot-2380 Screenshot-2381

Well, someone’s in a mood…

Siobahn: You would be too, if you couldn’t have any fun. I’m just looking forward to getting this little trouble-maker out of me.

Rowan: Pregnancy must be unpleasant…

Screenshot-2382 Screenshot-2383

Here’s Siobahn, trying AGAIN to do things the game is clearly unwilling to let her do. Poor thing.


In the meantime, Rowan is fulfilling his wish of getting to level three logic while avoiding his wife’s unhappiness. It kind of sucks that they’re having a problem this early in their marriage.


Oh well, at least Siobahn doesn’t look so unhappy now. At least you can still dance girl!


Rowan eventually works up the courage to clear the air with Siobahn, because I don’t like the idea of having founders that are this jaded with each other. Work it out, you two!

Screenshot-2387 Screenshot-2388

Rowan: I know you’re upset, but can you just show me a glimpse of your radient smile? Please?

Siobahn: Stop it! You’re making it really difficult to stay mad…


Siobahn: Let’s take this make-up session elsewhere, alright?


Rowan: … Okay.


Rowan: … Uh, are you… absolutely sure about this?


Siobahn: I should at least get to do the thing that put me in this condition in the first place.

Rowan: But, here?

Siobahn: Hello? Party animal.

Screenshot-2393 Screenshot-2394

Huzzah! Public woohoo! That’s another wish down for Siobahn.


Rowan: Well, I guess that wasn’t so bad. I don’t feel as dirty as I thought I would…


Well, maybe you should feel dirty, Rowan. You took pictures.


Rowan: Oh, oh my…!

You woohooed in a photo booth, Rowan, what did you think that was? A receipt?

Rowan: Well, I didn’t put any money in! I thought it might have been someone else’s or…

Screenshot-2398 Screenshot-2399

Well, considering Rowan is going to be a father soon, I guess he thought he couldn’t have pictures of that floating around.

LEAVE NO EVIDENCE! (This should be read in a certain voice of a certain cartoon character. If anyone guesses who, I’ll… I don’t know, say something super nice to you.)


These two can’t stay away from their guitars for long. I let them practice for a little while, for the sakes of both their lifetime wishes, and then I had them end their date and head home.

Screenshot-2401 Screenshot-2402

I’m not sure what Rowan is doing here. He looks really pleased with himself, but he also looks a little angry? Maybe in the first picture he’s checking a note he wrote on his hand and remembered something really awesome?

Who knows. He’s a funny one, that Rowan.

Screenshot-2403 Screenshot-2404

At this point, I sent Siobahn out by herself. She had a wish that is kind of a solitary endeavor, so I thought it would be appropriate to leave Rowan at home practicing his guitar again. I also managed to get a picture of the tour bus she rides in, even though it’s nearly impossible to take proper pictures during a full moon.

I need to get a lighting mod to fix that, I think.


She, of course, had a wish to visit the graveyard during a full moon, because my sims never stop wishing for that. Nearly all of them have a desire to take a trip there the moment they can start wishing for things. It gets tiresome at best, and a little creepy the rest of the time.


Siobahn started mourning at this random grave here just about immediately. It only says “remains” when you hover your cursor over it, so I assume it’s officially a prop, but I like to pretend that this was actually one of her anscestors or something. Moar headcanon!

Screenshot-2408 Screenshot-2409

After she came back home, she and Rowan practiced their respective skills for a while. Rowan is progressing really fast on the guitar. Pretty soon he’ll be caught up to Siobahn, but that’s only because she has more than one skill to develop for her lifetime wish. Plus, she has to do painting so we can have our portraits. She’ll be a VERY busy bee while she’s home.


Rowan does a lot of cleaning autonomously. The only sims I’ve known to do this are the neurotic ones, or the ones with the neat trait, so I’m not sure what makes him do that. Maybe he’s just the cop musician that doesn’t play by the rules. If anyone has any other ideas though, let me know.


Let’s end this update with a sentimental photo of our couple in front of a summer backdrop. It’s a little difficult to see, I know, but hopefully you can juuuuust make out how adorable it is. I love these two so much. I’ve been playing this game for years, but they are my favorite couple by far.

Come back next time for an update on Siobahn’s pregancy, whether or not it’s going better for her, and what sex the baby is!


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