Chapter 1.04: Fiscally Irresponsible

Welcome to The Landros Legacy! When we left off, Siobahn, Best Legacy Spouse Ever, was experiencing the unpleasantness that comes with pregnancy. Most of the fun things her party animal soul wants her to do are off-limits! How will she deal?

Surely her new husband will be there to make the process a little more bearable…





Or not.

Rowan, where are you sneaking off to while your pregnant wife is dreaming of nachos?


This is looking awfully suspicious right now, boy…

Screenshot-2413 Screenshot-2414

OH, well that’s a lot less shady than I thought it was!

Actually, Rowan had a wish to play guitar in the park, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to earn some extra money for his family while he was at it. Luckily, someone in the background there noticed.

Screenshot-2416 Screenshot-2418

REALLY noticed. I think this guy was responsible for one hundred percent of Rowan’s tips while he was playing. With that getup, though, he looks like he can afford it, so I guess I don’t feel too bad.


Hooray! Siobahn is awake! And she’s painting… something! What is that a turtle or a… monster of some kind? I don’t know.


Oh, by the way, Rowan had a wish to buy a toy, so I decided to go simple with this little guy. I haven’t named him, since I guess it’ll depend on the owner’s tastes.

Rowan also had a wish to by another thing, which I indulged, even though I probably shouldn’t have. What is it, you ask? Well, I’ll let you know, just as soon as Rowan is DONE spending money.

Screenshot-2419 Screenshot-2420

Goodness me, that money you earned from playing guitar for a wealthy doctor is just BURNING a hole in your pocket, isn’t it?

Rowan: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really didn’t spend that much…

Yeah, because there wasn’t much to spend!


This is the bookstore. The damn bookstore. What are you buying here?

Rowan: A logic book. I hear logic is going to be important for my career as well.

ARRRRG! You’re supposed to be buying a crib for the baby! Why do sims wish for some of the most inappropriate things?


At least Siobahn isn’t being inappropriate with fulfilling her wishes. She wanted a rocking chair, which we barely had enough money to purchase, by the way.

She’s also waiting to fulfill another wish.


She wanted to invite someone over! She figured, I guess, that if no one would let her have fun in the wide world, one of her buddies would have to come to her.

Screenshot-2424 Screenshot-2425

I feel terrible, because I’ve forgotten this woman’s name. But she was the best friend that Siobahn had in her contacts list, so I decided she had to be the first one to learn that Siobahn was pregnant.


Old Friend: Oh, that’s great news! May I?


Siobahn: Uh, you may be getting a little TOO close to the baby there.

Screenshot-2428 Screenshot-2429

Siobahn: Well, I didn’t invite you over to gush over this pregnancy! Let’s dance!

OF: I’d rather rock.

Siobahn: Touche.

So, you may have noticed the chemistry station in the background there. Yeeeeeaaaaah, Rowan totally went overboard with that one, and now we don’t have enough money to buy a crib.

You may also have noticed that I like to blame my sims when I decide to head into buy-mode and fulfill their impulses. Granted, it is ultimately me fulfilling the rolled wish, but I like to think that maybe my founder isn’t quite as responsible as he would like to pretend. Besides, irresponsible spending makes the first generation all that much more interesting!


At least he’s done with that for now. He’s decided to instead take a whirl on the free roller rink. I couldn’t be more thankful.


I may have made him try for a few more tips before he headed home too. Hopefully he can earn enough to buy a crib before the birth of his child.



Siobahn: She’s been sitting there all day, can you believe it? I could have painted her into another Mona Lisa and she wouldn’t have budged.


Since he spent such a pretty penny on that station, Rowan thought it would probably be a good idea to use it. Besides, there is that logic skill he was wanting to build…


Siobahn doesn’t look like she’s painting her friend there into the Mona Lisa, but maybe she had a better idea.


Well, that purchase blew up in your face. Literally.

Rowan: I don’t want to hear another word from you.

Don’t care. Should have wished for a crib.


Siobahn: Soooo, you’re a doctor. Do you know what sex the baby’s going to be?

OF: Boy.

Siobahn: Oh…

Rowan wants a girl, so I guess we’ll just have to try again after this one. Siobahn thought she was going to get away with just having one, but the fates have made her the matriarch of a great legacy! She was destined to have multiple children anyway. Sorry!


Really? You’re fiddling with that thing again?

Rowan: I have this incomprehensible desire to make a stink potion. What do you make of that?

You’re ridiculous. You’re a ridiculous person, that’s what I make of that.

Meanwhile, in the other room…


Siobahn: This is the worst way to wake up!


That looks REAAAAAALLY unpleasant.

Siobahn: More than all the other things combined!


Rowan: What was that sound?



Yeah, he ignored her entire birthing process. All for some stink juice. What a founder I have created. *Facepalm*


Maybe Rowan’s neglect is why she got sick. Literally, at this moment, I got a pop-up that Siobahn was ill. What a way to start this thing off. I hope the baby isn’t sick too…


Well, he’s the opposite of sickly green… I know I looked this red in my infant pictures, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I was screaming. I guess these must be some throwback genetics on Siobahn’s side.

Screenshot-2446 Screenshot-2447

Yay! The first of Generation 2 has been born! Say hello to Ryan Landros! He rolled the brave and good traits so you just know he’s going to be a boyscout. He likes PB&J, Chinese music, and the color… white. I guess he’s going to be the ultimate boyscout.


Yeah, probably.


Onto the floor you go, Ryan, until someone in this house can buy you a crib! Rowan, are you listening?


Rowan: Not to worry, we’ll have plenty of money when I finish this!


Sorry, little boy, it looks like the world is as cruel as I have made it and time is money.


These two are furiously working to make some profitable items to sell for their son’s essentials, but things weren’t exactly working out for Rowan. So, I sent him to the park again. He’ll at least be able to make something on tips.

Screenshot-2452 Screenshot-2453

Eating contest! While Rowan was setting up a groove, I was entertaining myself watching this. I never get tired of these things. One of the many great additions of the Seasons expansion.

Screenshot-2454 Screenshot-2455

Is… Is this the child of that doctor that was tipping Rowan so much the last time he was here? There’s a resemblance, so I’m thinking the generosity runs in the family. She tipped about three or four times.


I’m glad he’s getting tips from others though. I was beginning to think that particular family was just taking pity on him.

Screenshot-2457 Screenshot-2459

Awww! Ryan needed some attention, so Siobahn is having fun playing with her newborn son. He seems to be growing on you, girl, despite how much of a pain he was to bring into the world.


Siobahn: He was, until he started doing this.


… One more tip should do it…


And BAM! In his favorite color and everything! Rowan came through!


I think Siobahn is ready for Ryan to be asleep. Poor thing was exhausted and unhappy, so screaming was all he was doing for a while.


Siobahn: Oh, hey, it’s my husband! I missed you while I was having your baby.

Rowan: I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

Siobahn: How?

Screenshot-2464 Screenshot-2465

Rowan: How about this?

Siobahn: It’s a start.

Screenshot-2466 Screenshot-2467

Rowan isn’t a hopeless romantic, but he’s having a ton of lovey-dovey wishes for Siobahn, one of which was watching the stars together. These pictures aren’t very good at capturing just how devoted he is as a husband, and I think that’s a shame.


Adorbs. 😀


And we’ll end this update with the intention to get that new baby on the way. We still have to make Rowan his girl, so now that we have the first child all settled in his crib, it’s time to strain the budget once more!

Join me next time when Rowan finally starts on his career, we have a birthday, and we have a brand new birth!


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