Chapter 1.05: Parenting and a Party

Hey reader(s), long time, no see!

Yes, I realize that I was gone for a little while. I had to deal with a couple of crises, and I wasn’t really thinking about entertaining on my blog at the time. Everything is back to normal now, so I should be able to jump right back into simming!

When we left off…


Rowan and Siobahn were getting some loving done. After Rowan’s irresponsible spending, and the birth of their son, they certainly needed all the distractions they could get.

And now…


You’re looking… something other than happy, Siobahn.

Siobahn: I’m pregnant again, aren’t I?


Siobahn: F***.


Ah, nothing like being woken by a screaming child on your first day of work.


Playing with a ball in the house is a bad example for your son, Rowan, stop it!

Screenshot-2473 Screenshot-2474

Rowan: Fine. Clearly I’m not wanted here. Perhaps they’ll appreciate me at work instead.

You’ll probably have to work your way further up the ladder before anyone there even notices you exist, sweetie.


Siobahn appears to be adjusting nicely to motherhood, actually.

Siobahn: There, there. I promise I didn’t mean it when I said I was going to fill your bottle with NyQuil. It was a joke!



Gotta get that guitar skill up. Every time Ryan’s needs are satisfied, Siobahn goes straight to work on building those skills she needs for her lifetime wish.


And yes, this is skill-building too! She needs to keep up her relationships in order to build her charisma skill. It only looks like she’s goofing off!

And making all that noise with a sleeping baby in the room. You’d think she’d know better than to do that.


After work, Rowan is reading a book his bosses gave him. I guess being a groupie comes with reading assignments. Weird.


Not traumatizing the baby again, are you Siobahn?

I kid, she’s a really good mom, in all actuality. She attends to most of his wants before I even have to direct her.


I haven’t gotten to see a lot of Rowan’s parenting skills yet, given how he keeps his distance most of the time.

Rowan: It’s not as though I want to be away from him! I just have to finish this book first!

It’s too bad Siobahn doesn’t have that luxury.

Rowan: *sigh*


And she’s about to have even LESS free time.

Siobahn: Here we go again.


Rowan was up fairly early the next day to practice his guitar skill. He’s building it up really fast! He doesn’t generally have other skills to build, though, so he’s going to be at the top of the skill before Siobahn.


With Rowan at home to watch little Ryan, she was able to go to the library and build a little charisma skill before she came back home to practice guitar too. She has those two skills to max out, in addition to getting high enough in painting to get those portraits done, so she’s got a little bit fuller of a plate than her husband at the moment. I’m currently rotating the skills she has to build so that she gets a little bit of time with each of them during the day in between caring for the baby.


In fact, she’s just gotten done checking out her new mirror for building charisma.

Siobahn: Great, just what I need, to spend a portion of every day talking to myself.


Siobahn: I’d like to try something before I get that lonely.

Go right ahead.


Siobahn: Alright Ryan, time for your first party!



Sheesh, Siobahn, you’re looking at your friend like you didn’t just invite him here for your son’s birthday.


He doesn’t appear to have stuck around for it anyway. Weird. Rowan ran right in to blow on a party horn, though.

Screenshot-2495 Screenshot-2496

It took his enthusiasm for Siobahn to look enthusiastic herself. Ryan, on the other hand, is just looking constipated.

Screenshot-2497 Screenshot-2498

Severely constipated.


I should say here that I am always so amused by the fact that sims lay their infants down on the ground for them to age up. I understand why it has to happen, game-mechanics wise, but it just looks so funny!


Almost as funny as the sparkle birthday dance.

Screenshot-2501 Screenshot-2502

And here is little Ryan as a toddler! He’s cute, but he’s practically a clone of his mother. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any traits reminiscent of Rowan in his face as time goes on, but I am glad we’re having another little one so there’s a chance we’ll have a little more of our founder in them.


Rowan, of course, doesn’t seem to mind how little his son resembles him. He’s excited either way!


A celebration tune is performed by Siobahn…

Screenshot-2505 Screenshot-2506

… While Rowan plays with Ryan. It took a couple of days, but Rowan finally got to act the proud father I know he is. Look at how happy holding Ryan makes him!




Oh, Siobahn’s friend didn’t leave after all! Rowan made conversation with him autonomously, because he’s in the market for new friends himself.


So, with one of the expansions (I can’t remember which) came the ability of party guests to bring food to the engagement. Sometimes I love this, and other times I really hate it. Usually it depends on how big my family is, and what is in the dishes that the guests bring. This time, only one dish was brought, so it was alright for my little family of three, plus guest, but said guest brought something with ghost peppers in it, and that sent Siobahn into an exorcist moment.

Screenshot-2510 Screenshot-2511

Which promptly led into THIS. Seriously, EA, if pregnant sims can do THIS, why didn’t you just let them roller skate too?

Screenshot-2512 Screenshot-2513

Rowan: Were you just dancing on the counter in there?

Siobahn: You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the girl.


Rowan: How did you even get up there? Wasn’t that difficult with your uterus all distended and everything?


Siobahn: Honestly, I was surprised how easy it was.


Wow, this party is bangin’, isn’t it? Well, at least Siobahn seems to think so.

Screenshot-2517 Screenshot-2518

I just love these interactions. They are adorable anyway, but when sims do them autonomously, it puts an almost unbearable cuteness factor in my game that I just cannot handle.


Later that night, Rowan made it a point take care of Ryan while Siobahn hung in her rocking chair in the other room. I think I was a LITTLE too harsh with him earlier in the chapter. Sorry Buddy.


Siobahn didn’t get to relax for very long, unfortunately.


Maybe thoughts of her husband’s lifetime wish sent her into labor? I can’t think of another reason why she would have that thought bubble right now.

Screenshot-2523 Screenshot-2524

And unlike in Siobahn’s previous pregnancy, Rowan gets to partake in the complete and utter chaos.


Rowan: Good gods! What is happening??

Siobahn: Well, right now, nothing. I think my contractions paused a moment.


Siobahn: Okay! Pause is over!


Rowan: I just ran to get a snack, honey. Is… Is that inappropriate?


Siobahn: …



Screenshot-2530 Screenshot-2531

And welcome to the Landros family Jack! I thought Siobahn’s pregnancy had gone well, but the game chose the excitable trait for him anyway. The trait I got to roll was eccentric, which I love just for the alliteration factor, but it’s also made me think this kid is going to be a really enthusiastic inventor one day.

His favorites are spiceberry, Roots music, and PB&J, just like his big brother! He also looks like he has his dad’s skin tone, so that makes me hopeful for a more even trait blend of our founders.


You don’t have to be so upset that you didn’t get the girl you were wishing for, Rowan!


Rowan: That was the ghost chili I was eating, actually.



So, here we have our two boys! They’re so cute! But, we do have to try again for another baby, because Rowan still has his wish for a little girl to fulfill! Join the Landros family next time for those tries, and some toddler skilling!



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